How to Trace Lost Mobile

Mobile devices have become an indispensable accessory, and their loss or theft can be an unpleasant, even frankly stressful experience.

It never happened to you, this feeling of oppression, realising that your device was gone? Did you forget or lose it somewhere or did you fly it? In any case, they are always tricky moments to live in or to consider. But it is essential to keep calm and especially to take measures that will allow your personal information and your digital life to be safe from any misuse.

Inform whoever

Inform the authorities immediately that your mobile device has been stolen. File a complaint with the police. This is not only useful for insurance, but it can increase your chances of recovering your phone. Inform your mobile operator as soon as possible to limit unwanted charges and the cost of calls you have not made.

Also, contact your insurance company and start providing a replacement. Never forget that a smartphone, tablet or laptop can be a way to get into your life. The employer, your family and your friends of the loss or theft.

Use traceability features

One of the best things to do is to use the traceability feature of your devices. The configuration of it depends on the device you own. For example, on an iPhone, it's up to you to set up the phone's location first configuring it for it. Tracking services use a GPS signal to tell you on a map the area where your device is located. This is vital information to communicate to the police.

Prevent access to personal information

One of the most important things to do is to prevent anyone signs out or unsubscribe. On social networks, e-mail and sites, which may contain your personal information, without neglecting the online banking and other places of the same kind. It may be a good idea to contact your bank to change your access codes to avoid the risk of financial consequences.

Disable your device

Disabling your device will prevent you from following it, but this may be the last resort if it cannot be retrieved. Disabling it will ultimately stop the thief from obtaining your personal information and debiting your accounts. This will also prevent the device from rebooting and adding a new SIM card. Even if you can no longer communicate with your device, it will help ensure that your data is protected while you have a replacement device.

What else to do?

Facing the thief yourself is not to recommend. The most important thing is to avoid a priori that your device is stolen. Never leave it unattended, whether at the restaurant, bar or shop. Your device has cost you a lot. Why go it within reach of thieves? Most mobile device theft is an opportunity. So, reduce the possibilities of being stolen from your back. Always pay attention to where you are. Conceal your device in hazardous environments and, if you must use it, never let go of your hands. Treat it like your wallet. You would not leave behind your wallet, would you? Always set a code to preserve the protection of your data. Your device indeed contains a lot of valuable information for anyone to view. So, think about protecting them with a unique code. Unfortunately, as long as there is a black market for mobile devices, your phone, tablet or any digital device will be a target.

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