Did you know that how to listen you’re mobile even when it is off?

After the coup of the new Intel processors that would allow access to a computer off, let's return to the case of mobile phones. This is an article that did not start yesterday, but I realised that many people did not know about it and had big eyes when it came to the subject. There is a tendency to think that a dead cell does not work anymore and yet.

Even off, a mobile can serve as a microenvironment. Update on technical issues related to listening practice.

Inform the authorities immediately that your mobile device has been stolen. File a complaint with the police. This is not only useful for insurance, but it can increase your chances of recovering your phone. Inform your mobile operator as soon as possible to limit unwanted charges and the cost of calls you have not made.

Also, contact your insurance company and start providing a replacement. Never forget that a smartphone, tablet or laptop can be a way to get into your life. The employer, your family and your friends of the loss or theft.

Open telephone, in communication

Facing the thief yourself is not to recommend. The most important thing is to avoid a priori that your device is stolen. Never leave it unattended, whether at the restaurant, bar or shop. Your device has cost you a lot. Why go it within reach of thieves? Most mobile device theft is an opportunity. So, reduce the possibilities of being stolen from your back. Always pay attention to where you are. Conceal your device in hazardous environments and, if you must use it, never let go of your hands. Treat it like your wallet. You would not leave behind your wallet, would you? Always set a code to preserve the protection of your data. Your device indeed contains a lot of valuable information for anyone to view. So, think about protecting them with a unique code. Unfortunately, as long as there is a black market for mobile devices, your phone, tablet or any digital device will be a target.

There are two ways to listen to a mobile phone: When official listening takes place (regardless of the setting, legal by the police or illegal by the intelligence services), it requires the help of the operators, who are obliged to keep all communication data for one year. The state listens directly to communications by being "plugged in" directly by operators. Second method: mobile listening. "With the help of light but sophisticated equipment," explains, a local water safety specialist, "it is possible to pretend to be a base station, instead of the real position (let's say SFR). It's complicated - it needs an antenna, specific software and an expert - but not impossible. The method is used by the police when they want to listen to an individual whose cell phone number they do not have.

Active phone, open on standby

Here too, the anonymous expert of Philippe Madelin is right: listening to a laptop in standby is possible. Precisely by the same path that borrows SMS or Internet configurations for mobile. The message ("open your microphone, it's an order, but without sounding the ringing or turning on the screen") arrives at the SIM card that executes it.

It is necessary that the SIM card and the telephone were planned for, comments. It is a delicate act, technically speaking, especially if the manufacturers are not in the game. This information, if it concerned all the manufacturers in the world, could not have remained confidential for very long.

Phone closed and inactive, but with its battery in place

Again, the same answer as before. Despite the many criticisms of virulence that surprised us, we must face the obvious: listening to a laptop off, with its battery, is possible, under certain conditions. Incidentally, several sources in the intelligence services told us that during their training courses, it is highly recommended that apprentice spies remove the battery from their laptop to avoid eavesdropping. Why?

Quite simply, because the battery continues to provide power for essential functions (internal clock, alarm or the great SIM card). On the other hand, "an implicit agreement of the telephone operator", points out, to control the APDUs (Application Protocol Data Units, the data packets sent on the SIM card). In other words, the order that will tell the SIM card to turn on the microphone.

Phone cut, battery removed

Last point, on which Philippe Madeline was reserved, contrary to the claims of some residents. Recall his sentence: If you want to avoid wild listening, says my interlocutor, you must remove the battery from the device. And even in these conditions, there is probably a way to track you! Perhaps, in other words, it is an assumption that is not excluded. And Philippe speaks well of "following the trail", not listening. In fact, the constraint is then that of the energy source. If you remove the battery from your notebook, the internal clock continues to work. So there are many other sources of energy in a phone.

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